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  1. Durdona Ermatova

    Good afternoon teacher! Your paper was informative and engaging for me. I consider that this article is very beneficial for students who study in translation faculty. Indeed, backround knowledge of nations’ culture is very important during translation. From my point of view, not knowing about one nation’s culture, translation is not considered to be adequate or equivalent translation. Furthermore, I agree with your statement about gestures during interpretation. Because each culture has its own gestures and the usage of them can also stand out from each other in different culture. In that case, interpreters should learn gestures as well in order to not to lead to misunderstandings. Thus, I liked your article👍👍👍👍


  2. Gulhayo Mamadalieva

    Hi there, I have read your article. It was very fruitful for me to understand what key factors of the translation process includes. I totally agree with your statements about translators. Because of them, we can read and enjoy the bestsellers of the world. It demands being aware of all the spheres of life in order to accomplish his/her translated book beautifully.


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